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Nostalgic Land | 拾乡

February 10, 2021 – March 12, 2021

Opening Reception | 开幕直播: Saturday, February 10, 2021, 5–8 pm
Location | 地址: 1cm Art Space, Unit 7512, Jingan District, Shanghai, China









Theresa Liu


What are emerging contemporary artists doing in The Year of Cow? This is an interesting question.

Nine artists, coming from five different countries, are likely to be expected to conform to a specific, predictable worldview, focused on several Chinese styles, as spokespersons for a singular cultural or social identity. But the young generation is defying this expectation. They ignore labels, they tell their own stories, they make their own gestures. They resist being defined as standard new year art; they challenge the notion of red and happiness in the new year. In this way, their work rejects being considered as a unified group; it defies a single categorization, which makes it hard to name this group show.

It is still provocative to put them together– this exhibition is a survey of nine young artists who question the idea of home and memory. Their work reflects an awareness of a broad range of artistic focuses. Their work cannot be confined to a certain national identity – it seems to come from a nostalgic land.

Read the full online exhibition here.